Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Taking The Kid on an adventure...

42 Things to Do with Kids in New York City | Fodor's
The Kid has been wanting to see New York city for quite some time now.  I've been there three times in the last few years for business related/craft show type stuff, and left him at home each time.  Now we've just moved to a new house, we still haven't sold our old one yet, and I'm closing my business.  We'll probably NEVER be able to afford to go there again.  So I figured that before we had too much time to think about it, we should just go.  He's at that great age where he's old enough to be an easy traveling companion, and also be able to remember it all, yet still young enough to think that just the lights alone are super cool, and he'll be thrlled to eat bagles and pizza (the cheap food) the entire time we're there.  Hubby is winning some MAJOR brownie points for this one also.  He's staying home with The Baby while The Kid and I set off on our adventure next week.  It's not easy being the big kid when there's a baby in the house.  So this way he can have 3 whole days of my undevided attention, see the city he's been dying to see, and neither of us have to spend a 7-hour car ride with a crying baby.

Have you been anywhere in NYC that you think a nine-year-old boy would think was super cool?  We have a lot of stuff on our to-do list already, but I'm always curious to hear other suggestions for must-do's (as well as must-not-do's).

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  1. I bet you already have it on your list, but FAO Schwarz would be a blast for him!

    1. It's most definitely on the list! I might be more excited about it than he is!

  2. how did it go?? DId you go this past weekend? or is it coming up...gosh I dont even know what the date is... haha! You should go to...um, I have no idea but I love that you guys get to go on a vacation date together sans baby it will be such SWEET memories!! Congrats and have fun!